Who We Are

We are the Australian and Asia Pacific team of Trout & Partners Worldwide. Pioneers in Positioning. And, Experts in Differentiation. Led by Dr Ron Lane and Jack Trout, President of Trout & Partners Worldwide, the team specialises in getting superior profits from brands.

How we deliver
Our "Profit The Difference" methodology, ProfitMax® , is a CEO's answer to superior brand profits. It is the only framework that scientifically and empirically links marketing effort to brand profits. Every marketing initiative could be attributed to whether it drives brand profits or not giving tremendous learning feedback on what works and what does not.

The Brand Profit Index® Reports feature competitive brand profitability in wide ranging categories. Client customized reports and tracking are available as a service.

Brand Emotional Health® is a mind attitude tool quantifying how prospects feel about brands. It is the only non-questionnaire based language independent brand postioning tool.

Finally, branding for profits is the job of every manager not just for marketers and the sales division.

How many of your employees can quantify and articulate why your brands are different and deserve higher prices? If your organization is like the majority then the answer is "not many" and you deserve price discounts.

Trout Brand Profit Workshops runs client customized Branding For Profit courses for non marketers, senior management and marketers to infuse a brand knowledge culture throughout the organisation.

Jack Trout takes on Marketing

Jack Trout
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“Marketing Is Too Important To Leave To Marketers.” David Packard. HP

The CEO-CMO Disconnect
"73% of CEO's think Marketers lack business credibility and are not the business growth generators they should be: they are still too far from being able to demonstrate .. top line (growth) ..." The Fournaise Marketing Group Survey: 2011.

CEO-CMO Joint Scorecard Breakthrough
The CEO wants profit growth. The CMO measures Facebook "Likes". Could both be right? Yes! Our ProfitMax® framework directly links marketing effort to brand profits. Here's how the CEO & CMO share a joint scorecard.

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